Internal Construction

Condo Buildouts




New Concrete Construction

Concrete Roof

Room Additions



Future Projects:

Downtown Ft Lauderdale US-1

 Multi use Retail residential complex

we experimented with different looks

in the hart of downtown ft Lauderdale, on US1 where 48,000 cars passes daily, multi use retail/commercial complex

side view looking to north shows pedestrian walkways that have rain and sun protection


close to beach on US-1 in downtown

across parker play house, war memorial, holiday park which is the largest tennis complex in ft Lauderdale

Ground floor has 5 retail locations

second floor has residences for below units

roof top has endless pool, BBQ, sound system for residences and parties.



New GREEN Design Center in Miami

Initial idea

We applied sketches to current pictures

We moved sketches to the computer

We planned layout

Determined supports

As a green building, we will:

  • collect all rain water

  • collect all SOLAR power

ZERO utility bill is our goal


We had our software create what it would look like during the day

in  the evening

and at night

        Designed by Tosali Construction

 Planned construction date December 2010




New Miami Science Museum

Architecture by:

For and on behalf of


Celebrating thirty years


100 Reade Street, New York, NY 10013, USA


Bidding on shell construction as lead candidate